History - Part VI
.....1996 to Present ~ The White Years


          After to the fire in 1987, the copper roof and the porch were restored to preserve the beautiful outer shell.  The domed entrance hall and the spiraled staircase were restored and support studs were installed in the rooms.  All other areas of the house were so totally damaged by the fire that a complete reconstruction of the interior would be required to make it safe and/or habitable. 

         The few original heart of pine floors on the lower floor that were not destroyed by the fire were damaged severely and would require extensive repair.  The few walls downstairs that were not completely destroyed were scorched and paint was peeling from any intact wood.  Only one mantel (in the dining room) survived at all and most of the huge doors, though heavily scorched, had been saved.  The chimneys had collapsed so none of the fireplaces were repairable.


          The plantation house remained in this condition until 1996, when the Middleton-White Foundation, with Robert and Robin Sumners  White as proprietors, purchased it and the surrounding 12 acres.  The purchase agreement was signed on April 12, 1996 (Robin's birthday) and one year later (April 12, 1997) after initial reconstruction had begun, Rusty and Robin were married in the conservatory.

       Thus, a new era of reconstruction and refurbishing of Rose Hill Plantation House began.........

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                                            "Bear" and Steve Brothers were historic restoration specialists/artists for this project that took several years.

                                           Rusty and Robin White - 2009                                                                         Robin White in period costume for special occasions

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