Ghost Stories Tours

                                                                     Boo Hag                                                                                                                      Ghost Pianist


Zombie Joan, WWII Nurse Jo Anne, Grey Lady Robin, Cynthia Glendinning, Witch Jan, "Holy" Lois.                            Graveyard zombies Joan & Husband, Larry

                  Grey Lady Robin                                          Pretty Pirate Wench Danielle                                      Lt. Sturgeon's girlfriend

                                 Witch Jan                                                                Laura & her mother  (Her Dad was a great help, also!)


                                     Treats in all the rooms - A few of them shown above:
                                           Carrot Pumpkin plate, Apple butter crisp Graveyard, pastry Cats & Owls
                                   Witches hats, Eyeball Shortbread cookies, Deviled eggs w/spiders, Witch Brooms