Betsy Gould Sturgeon


  Betsy Sturgeon, nee Florence Amelia "Betsy" Bacon, was first married to Frank Miller Gould, son of Edwin Gould and the grandson financier and railroad builder Jay Gould. They were married at the home of Betsy's parents in Dallas, TX, on November 17, 1924. They had two children: Marianne Gould (1926-1957) who married John Wright McDonough of Galveston, TX, in March 1945; and Edwin Jay Gould, III (b. 1932). Betsy and Frank Gould divorced in 1944.


Betsy Gould Sturgeon married John Metler Sturgeon, III, April 4, 1945, and they moved to Muroc, CA, where he was stationed as a lieutenant in the Army Air Force. In 1946, they purchased the Rose Hill Plantation and lived there for the rest of their lives. They were both avid horse lovers.  Betsy died in 1966.


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