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Video filmed here in 1992
21 Oct 2009

Over the years, getting any information about this old house has been
difficult at best. The fact that I have enough information now, to
give an hour long tour each day, is nothing short of a miracle in my
book - all things considered & here on this 13th year.

Back in 1998, we participated in a tour of homes with hundreds of
people filing through the house that day. Some of them remembered odd
things that were very helpful to us - such as a movie being filmed
here once & even a music video. They couldn't remember the names of
course, and actually no one else that I would ask for years could

I finally ran into someone who had part of a name for that movie, so
I was able to search it out that way. "Order of the Black Eagle." I
eventually found an old VHS copy through the internet. Not much of a
movie I'll admit, but it does have scenes with this house in it -
making it the best movie I'd ever seen at that point.

I basically gave up on trying to find out about the music video. I did
finally hear that it was one of John Mellencamp's and even wrote to
Mr. Mellencamp's people. I never heard back, of course.

That brings us on up to last week, when a young lady stopped by to
look at this old house for her 2010 wedding venue. She remembered
riding her horse through this yard, back in the days before the polo
estates neighborhood was built between us & the Equestrian Center's
riding field. Yes, I remember those days too, when we would sit on the
front porch here & watch the polo matches & see neighbors riding their
horses right past the house. Plantation House Drive didn't exist then,
& the view from all the windows - nothing but trees. Anyone got a
time machine? Take me back to the last century please.

The future bride had been a young girl when this mystery video was
filmed. In fact, she was actually in it. And, as a most magical bonus,
she remembered the name! Her mother said, "Look it up on YouTube and
you'll see both my daughter and yours."

Here's a rare glimpse into Rose Hill's "not so distant" past ( 1992). And just when I needed it "Now More Than Ever"

So here it is and hopefully this link will come through?

If that link did not connect, just look it up on YouTube....


Robin White