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Bub Walker Years
30 Dec 2008

          In December 2008, Kiplyn "Kippi" McCulloch returned for a second visit and gave us information about her ancestor, James B. (Bub) Walker, who purchased Rose Hill plantation from Morton Kirk Moore (1,400 acers) in August 1928 and from W. E. Pinckney (1,450 acres) in December 1928.  Kippi is the great-grandniece of Bub Walker, and her grandmother (Josephine Walker Johnson, "Granny") was born in the house on Feb. 13, 1916 (a Friday 13th), where her mother and 5 siblings lived with Josephine's mother, Sallie Hair Walker.  Granny always told of how the family all said "Poor child, born on this horrible Firday the 13th, she'll never amount to a hill of beans!"  The family lived in the Rose Hill house until Granny was 16 when her mother (Sallie Hair Walker -Kippi's great grand-mother)  passed away in 1932 at the age of 39 in what was then the front bedroom of the mansion.

          "It was in that year that Granny & her 4 sisters (Willie Mae, Sybil, Mary, Betty) and 1 brother (Betty's twin Billy) moved to Crescent, which Uncle Bub also owned.  They lived with  Granny's grandmother (Margaret Elizabeth Walker) who was 78 at the time.  Uncle Bub also lived at Crescent with Grandma.  Uncle Bub was Granny's father's (William B. Walker) brother.  There had been 5 girls, but "Little Jessie" Elizabeth Walker passed away on May 9, 1928, of diphtheria at the age of 6.  Granny used to tell me how she could remember her in the glass casket.  At that time, because of the diphtheria, caskets had to be sealed, and this was how they did it.  All of the children were born in the Rose Hill house with Granny being the oldest.

          "When the children went to live at Crescent, Grandpa (A.E. Walker) had already passed away.  He survived the Civil War to come back and work for the Kirks.  He was hit in the head with a mini-ball and never really recovered.  He fought in the Civil War under Capt. William "Willie" Kirk, CSA SC Infantry, 11th Regiment, Company K, and that was how the relationship and connection to Rose Hill began."  


         Thank you for your visit and the interesting information, Kippi.

Robin White