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James Kirk Heirloom

The cigar box and signet stamp belonged to James Kirk who owned several plantations in the area. His daughter, Caroline, & her husband, John, had a daughter, Emily, and a son, William. In 2007, William's direct descendant, Mr. William Kirk, gave these items to the White's accompanied by the letter, which reads: Dear Robin, I recall your saying in a past e-mail that April 12th was a date of numerous significant events. I believe you said it is your birthday, your anniversary, and the anniversary of you and Robert acquiring Rose Hill. I thought at the time that it would be a good date for you to receive the enclosed item, in appreciation for all the hard work that both of you have done in restoring Rose Hill. The cigarette box is of unknown date and origin, but the stamp on top is of course the stamp used to identify bales of Sea Island cotton produced at Rose Hill Plantation. I recently came across a photograph I took of the box sitting on the plantation table you now have, and realized that they belong together. It gives me great pleasure to know the two items are both back at home. I hope the day is special for you in every other way. Thank you, (script): And Happy April 12th ! Bill and Jody Kirk)