Special Events at Rose Hill

  Special events that have been held in past years:


Ghost Tour  October 26, 2018

Our Docents entertained guests with stories of haunted happenings through the history of Rose Hill Mansion: actual ghost stories, first hand experiences, and spooky happenings from 1858 to the present!

Docents (L-R) Kirstin Martin, Carol Liff, Jan Kirk, Jo Anne Minderler, Chelsea Smith; with Robin White, Proprietor


October 12, 2018

Special Private Tour for P.E.O. Sisters from Chapter AD, SC
Our Sister, Jan Kir,, did a fabulous job as our docent




September 18, 2018

Our Prince of Scribes: Writers Remember Pat Conroy

It was an evening filled with delicious appetizers and meet and greets throughout the Mansion, with several of the contributing authors of the book!  It was such a privilege to partner with the
Pat Conroy Literary Center & Catering by Debbi Covington.


April 2, 2018

Out of 331 visitors, only 1 guest could win our March gift basket giveaway!  Congratulations Cathy M !




Robin White, Proprietor of Rose Hill Mansion
Inducted to National Society, Daughters of
the American Revolution
February 8, 2018


It is with great pride that we announce that our own Robin White was recently inducted, along with her mother, Ann Sumners, into the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, Emily Geiger Chapter (Bluffton, SC).  




                               October 31, 2017                                  


Our "Grey Lady" Ghost welcomed all who dared to enter - the ladies of Riverbend Community to their Witches Tea!  We so enjoyed creating a custom menu full of creepy touches and loved incorporating such a fun theme into one of our luncheons!  We hope everyone had their share of sweet treats in honor of Halloween!

All Photos by  Kirstin Martin & Kim Poovey


DAR honors White with history award

Gwyneth J. Saunders
Published: October 17, 2017

                           In the foyer of her home, the Rose Hill Mansion in Bluffton, Robin White shares her thoughts after being
honored Oct. 12 with the Women in American History award from the Emily Geiger Chapter of the Daughters
of the American Revolution. PHOTO BY GWYNETH J


Because of her efforts and success in restoring the heavily fire-damaged antebellum mansion at Rose Hill, Robin Sumners White was honored with the "Women in American History Award" on Oct. 12. She is the fourth recipient of the recognition from the Emily Geiger Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

The award is the culmination of years of research, hard work, patience and persistence that began with looking for a house.

When Robin and her then-fiancé Robert "Rusty" White decided to leave the fast pace of Atlanta for a slower existence in the Lowcountry 22 years ago, the house that drew them to Bluffton was in the classified pages of their first issue of Historic Preservation Magazine.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the home was described as "Damaged by fire. Substantial renovation necessary," as Robin told those attending the DAR ceremony in the house's grand entryway.

Undaunted by the dire condition of the once-impressive 1850s mansion, the couple fell in love with the home at first sight. After 10-and-a-half months of "hoops to jump through," the Middleton-White Foundation became the proud owners of Rose Hill Mansion, signing the papers on Robin's 29th birthday in April 1996. "Best birthday ever," she said.

It took 10 years for the restoration to be complete, with nearly every part of the structure needing significant attention to return the home to its original historic condition.

"The biggest challenge was the lack of photographs and information about it," Robin said. "It would be nice to have had some type of pattern to go by."

Descendants of original property owner James Kirk began to contact the Whites and gradually, pieces of the home's history began returning home, becoming Robin's incentive to establish a museum and tour business.

Cynthia Martin Glendinning, a Kirk descendant, is a neighbor and close friend. She received special recognition by the DAR for her own contributions to the preservation, including donating heirlooms and documents.

"The best thing about completing the restoration is being able to share the house and its history," said Robin. "We're big history lovers and we had the need and obligation to share what happened here."

Tours of the house are offered Monday through Friday. For more information, visit www.rosehillmansion.com or call 843-757-6046.

Gwyneth J. Saunders is a veteran journalist and freelance writer living in Bluffton.

Photos of some of the Guests (over 70) at the event.....









"Tea is for Tuesday"

Tuesday January 24, 2017, was the first official "Tea is for Tuesday" at Rose Hill Mansion! Tea steamed from delicate china cups as guests took their places in the grand dining room of this elegant estate. Miss Pat presented a smorgasbord of tantalizing treats to include such classics as cucumber sandwiches chicken salad, scones with orange glaze, and the Rose Hill delicacy of cream cheese blackberry jalepeno spread on pound cake! Fresh camellias from our dear friend, Mrs. Cynthia Glendinning completed the exquisite tea time experience. Tea at the manse of Rose Hill is the perfect way to spend a Tuesday afternoon. Won't you do us the honor of joining us on a Tuesday for tea and a tour hosted by Kim Poovey?



December 2016

Christmas Party for Rose Hill Staff






Ghost Tour - October 21, 2016

                                                                         Some of our Guests

                                                                     ↨  Our Fantastic “Scarlett O’Hara” Docents  ↨     


Ghost Tour - October 28, 2016






Rose Hill Mansion featured in Italian musician’s LP & CD Albums

Italy’s biggest music artist, ZUCCHERO, has released a new album, BLACK CAT. It’s on YouTube and for sale on Amazon in LP & CD format.

Among the greatest interpreters of Italian blues, Zucchero is the biggest selling Italian artist of all time with more than 60 million record sales. His album ORO, INCENSO E BIRRA sold more than eight million copies and was for a long time the biggest selling album in the history of Italian pop music worldwide.

The LP album and the CD album features a photo of the house as the centerfold, with the words ROSE HILL MANSION across the bottom of the photo.


We were extremely surprised and excited when they contacted us for one of our photos of the house!






Rose Hill Mansion "FAMILY" Lowcountry Boil

We recently held a Lowcountry Boil dinner for our Rose Hill Mansion “family” on June 2, 2016.  We were especially excited to have as our Special Guests Mrs. Rena Johnson (age 92) who was a cook & housekeeper  (1950’s – 1970’s) during the time that John and Betsy Gould Sturgeon lived in this ole plantation house.  Also with Miss Rena were our Miss Pat’s mother, Dollie Fripp, and Pat’s aunt, Martha Major.

Robin’s Parents and our Very Special Friend, Cynthia Kirk Glendinning, were also with us.

Below are some photos from the event:

        Top Row:                  Mrs. Rena Johnson                         Dollie Fripp & Martha Major           Miss Rena & Robin White    
        Bottom:               Douglas & Lou Anne Takach                 Joan Crncic & Miss Rena              Larry Crncic & Miss Rena                                       


           Top:                  Robin, Pat Taylor, Bob Sumners,                 Jan Kirk, Robin & Joan                   Pat Fripp Taylor
                                            Joan Mindeler
           Bottom:                  Bob, Miss Rena, Ann, Robin, Rusty                                   Cynthia Kirk Glendenning & Pat

          Top:              Ann Sumners & Cynthia Glendenning      Shack & Adrienne Johnson                                Jo Anne
          Bottom:         Miss Rena & Bob                                    Shack cooking the "boil"              Jo Anne giving the day's tour



November 9, 1927- April 11, 2016

    Today, we mourn the passing of our dear friend, Tom Glendenning.  Tom, a resident of Rose Hill Plantation, Bluffton, South Carolina, was married to Cynthia Kirk Glendenning, a direct descendant of James Brown Kirk who was the original owner of Rose Hill plantation and other plantations in the area.  Tom was a frequent visitor to Rose Hill Mansion during the past years and, along with his wife, generously placed many Kirk family relics and memorabilia under the care of the Whites for display in the house.

    Our thoughts are with his wife Cynthia and her family.   His quiet voice and laid-back personality belied his ever-present enthusiasm.  He was a kind, articulate,  and true Southern Gentleman.  Those of us who were privileged to be counted among his friends will miss him. 

                                                                           ~ Robin & Rusty White, Rose Hill Plantation House   April 11, 2016





On January 19, 2016, we had a surprise guest. Americana performer and recording artist, Mr. Tom Roush, who joined our tour and serenaded guests on the front porch and later in the Gentleman’s Hunt Room singing Civil War era songs. It was great entertainment enjoyed by everyone.

On June 2, 2016, he returned for another visit and, again, entertained our tour guests with his music on the front porch, in the Hunt Room and in the entryway.  What a wonderful treat to have him visit us again.

Tom gave us a video he created of him singing his arrangement of “Do They Miss Me at Home” on which he used interior shots of Rose Hill Mansion.  

Thank you, Mr. Roush and Diane Faucette.


To view the video, please click this link:  


To visit Mr. Roush’s website:     http://tomroush.us/ 







          On January 25, 2016, Palmetto Dunes reported on their "Resort Blog" about the Photo Shoot done at Rose Hill Mansion by Essence of Australia for their "Spring 2016 Bridal Gown" line.  The photo shoot was done in July 2015.

                        "This summer we had the pleasure of catering for Essence of Australia while they photographed their Spring 2016 Bridal Gown line at one of our favorite venues,
the Rose Hill Plantation House...."

                                                                           To see the entire article,



                                            Pictured at center: Martine Harris, Chief Creative Officer and Head Designer - Martina Liana





          On January 19, 2016, we had a surprise guest. Americana performer and recording artist, Mr. Tom Roush, joined our tour and serenaded guests on the front porch and later in the Gentleman’s Hunt Room singing Civil War era songs. It was pretty cool and great entertainment.
Thank you, Mr.  Roush.


Mr. Roush created the short video below especially for Rose Hill.  He sings the first verse of "Aura Lea" ("Love Me Tender" is based on the same music.)



                                Decorated for Christmas Holidays 2015 





                           October 29th & 30th, 2015

                      We all had a FANTASTIC time !

                Large crowds - many in costumes !

                 For photos from the events, please go to.....




1948 - March 6, 2014

William John (Bill) Kirk


    Today, we mourn the passing of our dear friend, William John (Bill) Kirk.  Bill, a resident of Overland Park, Kansas, was a direct descendant (great, great grandson) of Dr. John and Caroline Kirk who were the original owners of Rose Hill Plantation and builders of the plantation house.  He was a frequent visitor to Rose Hill during the past years and, along with his sister, the late Kathryn Kirk of Turney, Missouri, generously placed many Kirk family relics and memorabilia under the care of the Whites for display in the house.

    Our thoughts are with his wife Jody, daughter Ellen, and son Jarrett.   His quiet voice and laid-back personality belied his ever-present enthusiasm and cloaked his many talents with sincere humility.  He was a brilliant, articulate, kind, true gentleman who was proud of his heritage and his connection to Rose Hill.  Those of us who were privileged to be counted among his friends will miss him. 

                                                                           ~ Robin & Rusty White, Rose Hill Plantation House   March 6, 2014



The Learning Channel's TV Show "Four Weddings" : Weddings in the Lowcountry -
February 2014


On February 6 & 7, 2014, The Learning Channel's TV Show "Four Weddings" chose Rose Hill Mansion as a destination to film portions of two of it's episodes.  Each day of filming featured 4 sets of Savannah/Lowcountry brides & grooms.  both interior & exterior portions of the mansion were used in filming.  The episode are to air sometime in late summer or early fall 2014.



Laura De Sole & Ben Baccash Wed Under the Spanish Moss

November 13, 2013

      The  bride and her mother, Eleanore Leavitt De Sole, are direct descendants of Dr. James Kirk (1825-1858) who was a
brother of Caroline Kirk (1817-1864) and 1st cousin of her husband Dr. John Kirk (1809-1868).  Dr. John and Caroline Kirk
built the Rose Hill house on the 1880 acre plantation given to her as a wedding present.

      Both Dr. James and Caroline were children of James Brown Kirk (m. Mary Elizabeth Baldwin) for whom Kirk’s Bluff
(now Bluffton, SC) was named.  Dr. James Kirk is buried in the Kirk family section of the Zion Chapel of Ease & Cemetery
on Hilton Head Island, SC.

For Details and more photographs, click             

All photographs are by Brian Wedge/WEDGE Creative


Rose Hill supoorted this event with donation of Tour Gift Certificates



August 2013




     The "Diggers" episode entitled “Pirate Island Gold” is the result of archaeological diggers having visited the island for five days earlier in the year. They began their search at Rose Hill Plantation on Hilton      Head Island. Tim “Ringy” Saylor and “King” George Wyant are the stars of the popular show that combines history and humor.

            George "KG" Wyant, left, & Tim Saylors of the Nat'l Geographic
Channel's show flank Rose Hill Mansion's Rusty & Robin White, taken in March 2013 as the crew was filming an episode of the show on site.


       The "Diggers" episode about Rose Hill Plantation and Daufuskie Island aired on the National Geographic Channel.







TV treasure hunters find pieces of the past at Rose Hill and on Daufuskie

    By MATT McNAB— mmcnab@beaufortgazette.com

     Published: August 19, 2013           The_Island_Packet


Professional treasure hunters Tim Say filmed in March, followed the two men on the hunt for "sweet nectar," their nickname for buried artifacts and treasure.

At Rose Hill, the duo searched the grounds of the Rose Hill Mansion and beneath the house hoping to find a cache of guns and buried Confederate silver.

On the show, it appeared they had little luck; finds like a Revolutionary War-era flat button and a thimble were highlighted.  Robin White, the mansion's owner, said Saylor and Wyant also found farming tools such as cotton hoe heads, used during the time the home was the center of a cotton plantation. Those artifacts are now part of a display inside the mansion.

RoseHill Mansion's marketing manager Tracey Bartlebaugh said she contacted the treasure hunters after seeing promos for the show. Bartlebaugh said the program appealed to her and White because the men return all artifacts to the homeowners after cataloging them.

"They're a great group of people," she said. "They were so nice and so friendly."

           "KG" with Civil War sword                      Tim with old navy cannon                                       Prep for interview

       Read more here:  




Lowcountry Oyster & Motorcar Driving Society Luncheon
May 15, 2013

To see write-up and more photos, please click photo below:



Christmas at Rose Hill ~ 2012






Wine Wednesday  November 14, 2012

                                                                          To see photos from the event, click HERE



Rose Hill Mansion Donates to Okatie Polo for Charity
held at Rose Hill Plantation Polo Field

October 13, 2012

Rose Hill Mansion donated a bottle of our Rose Hill Red wine and two Rose Hill Mansion historical tour tickets  to the silent auction.  One of their visiting Rotarians from Mt. Pleasant, Low Mello and his wife, won the package.  Proceeds from the event benefitted the University of South Carolina-Beaufort Nursing Scholarships,Hheroes on Horseback, the Okatie Rotary Scholarship fund for Bluffton High Seniors with a preference for those majoring in health related fields, and the Happy Feet Project for shoes for second and third graders enrolled in Okatie schools.





                               Wine Wednesday  October 3, 2012

           Wednesdays call for slowing down, rejuvenating your senses and finding peace in the midst of your workweek. So why not gather a few friends and get introduced to Wine Wednesdays Wine Tasting at Rose Hill Mansion?

            RoseHill Mansion, known as the most beautiful plantation house in the Lowcountry, is located just outside of Beaufort in Bluffton, South Carolina and is a popular destination for visitors. The Rose Hill Plantation house was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1983 and in April 1996 Rose Hill was restored as a private home which is now shared with the public through tours, weddings and group events. Beginning on Wednesday, October 3, 2012, Wine Wednesday guests can sample fine private label wines coupled with hors d’ oeuvres and live entertainment, while touring five different rooms of the Rose Hill Mansion - there’s nothing like settling in with a good glass of wine, kicking back with friends and unwinding to get over hump-day!

  (To see photos taken at the event, click here )



TV Interview with our own Cynthia Glendinning, Director of Rose Hill

by Sandy Benson, Host of WHHI "Talk of the Town"



The Sew What Club Luncheon
June 22, 2012




                                                              56th Annual Porsche Parade 

         On August 2 & 3, 2011, about 70 Porsches were on display at the Rose Hill Plantation House as part of  the 56th annual Porsche Parade.  Sponsored by the Porsche Club of America – Coastal Empire Region, the two-day event was part of an action-packed week with a full slate of activities, including four competitive events.  Participants, including approximately 115 owners from across the country as well as international guests, enjoyed their two days of guided tours of the Rose Hill mansion and being served Lowcountry Boil & Barbecue.





On April 20, 2011, Liberty Mutual Insurance's top executives held a cocktail party inside the mansion with pianist David Duckworth as entertainment.  That night a tented dinner was severd on the lawn with a live performance by the legendary Ben Vereen and his band.

Ben Vereen performs at Rose Hill Plantation for Liberty Mutual VIP Dinne



                                                                            In Loving Memory  


                                                                                                                       Kathryn Elizabeth Kirk

                                                                                                                 April 25, 1953    -    February 25, 2011

    Today, we mourn the passing of our dear friend, Kathryn Elizabeth Kirk.  Kathryn, a resident of Turney, Missouri,  was a direct descendant (great, great granddaughter) of Dr. John and Caroline Kirk who were the original owners of Rose Hill Plantation and builders of the plantation house.  She was a frequent visitor to Rose Hill during the past years and, along with her brother William Kirk of Overland Park, Kansas, generously placed many Kirk family relics and memorabilia under the care of the Whites for display in the house.

          Her unique personality, her love for Rose Hill and her contagious enthusiasm will be deeply missed and never forgotten.

                                                                                                                               ~ Robin & Rusty White, Rose Hill Plantation House

For Robin White's Tribute to Kathryn Kir, click...





 Kathryn Kirk "Homecoming"

July 20 - 24, 2010



Kathryn Kirk (and two friends, Dee Smith and Marie Madinger -all from Missouri) returned for another visit this week.  A soiree was held in her honor on July 22.
A silent auction was included to help raise funds to build a future Praise Chapel on the estate in Kathryn's honor. 

During the party, Kathryn formally presented the Whites with the Civil War-era dining room table and chairs that belonged to the home's original owners, Dr. John & Caroline Kirk, Kathryn's great, great grandparents.  She also presented the original portraits of Dr. & Mrs. Connor, parents of the wife of Willy Kirk (son of Dr. & Mrs. John & Caroline Kirk)  





To view other photos taken at this event, please click.....

To view newspaper article, please click 



                                            The Kirk's Return Home Visit

              May 21-26, 2009


Memorial Day weekend was very special this year at Rose Hill Plantation House. My Kirk family came home again! This time Bill Kirk (great great grandson of Dr. John and Caroline Kirk) brought his wife Jody and son Jarrett with him. Jarrett has just graduated from high school and this was the main purpose of the trip - to show Jarrett his ancestral grounds and to teach him about his roots. No celebrations and dedications this time. Bill had requested a private and quiet visit and introduction for Jarrett this year, so that is what happened.










     A very SPECIAL Event  at the house...

                         "An Evening with the Kirks"
                                May 9, 2008      


                For details and photos of the event ..... 







     Rose Hill Plantation House was featured on HGTV's program,

                    "If Walls Could Talk" on November 25, 2008. 


Cross of Honor Ceremony

Southern Cross of Honor 
Dedication Service for
1st Lt. Clarence Benjamin Kirk
Co. E, 9th & 11th SC Volunteer Infantry, CSA

Bluffton Cemetery, Bluffton, S.C., July 21, 2007
Hosted by
The Gen. Richard H. Anderson Camp 47
Sons of Confederate Veterans, Beaufort, SC



                Rose Hill Historic Marker

                              Photos & speeches      

                               Unveiling of
                         South Carolina Historical Marker  
                             Rose Hill Plantation House

                                    July 21, 2007           


Rose Hill "The Dream" Art & Tea Tour featuring artist Tina Fripp ~ 2007      





The White's 10th Anniversary & Robin's Birthday Celebration
April 2007


            The Whites with Kirk mirror                                             
  Birthday cake replica of the house                                        Ian DeNeeve entertains with classic guitar

                  Family and Friends gathered for LowCountry Boil at 10th Celebration                                                                        James Kirk artifact was birthday gift to Robin from Bill Kirk


    Sons of Confederate Veterans Christmas Party/Meeting 2006

            Jody & Anita Henson at SCV Christmas Party/Meeting



                                    Valentine's Day Fund Raiser for Capital City Opera of Atlanta February 1998           
A silent auction featuring, among many items, a framed original print by local artist Tina Fripp.


                                                             Robin & Rusty White's Wedding ~ April 1997 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Photo above by Susan McCann



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