Rose Hill Artifacts

Included are photographs of furniture, portraits and items belonging to the original 19th Century Kirk families, other subsequent occupants of the house, and artifacts found on the surrounding grounds.

Artwork of Rose Hill

Through the years, we have been collecting artwork depicting Rose Hill Plantation house.  The works include paintings, etchings, postcards, notecards, old photographs, etc.  Most of these are framed and displayed throughout the house.


Old Photographs

     Included are a few old photographs of the house before and during the Sturgeon years and before the fire of 1987.  Also included in this collection are photos showing the condition of the burned out shell of Rose Hill when the White's began the renovation in 1996.


Included are some examples of articles about the house in magazines, newspapers and brochures.

Arms Collection

Our arms and armor collection focuses on American Civil War weapons, accouterments, flags, documents and fine art - but also includes other eras.   



All photos are property of Rose Hill Mansion and can NOT be copied
or redistributed in any format for any reason.

Rose Hill Mansion