26 Apr 2013    Email from Bill Ellington - More Memories

Dear Robin,

...I just completed going through the history section [of the website]...   It was very interesting and certainly informative to me especially in regards to my aunt's early days prior to her marriage to my uncle. I was especially pleased to see my uncle's bomber jacket again and, with the photo, it is a haunting reminder of the sacrifices that those before us have made to give us the freedoms we have today.

.... I've mentioned to you before but if you will indulge me this, I'll ramble a bit about my aunt and uncle.

My father died in1952 after I just turned 7. He had been sick and in bed with cancer for ~ 2 years, so I really have little memory of my father growing up. My aunt and uncle encouraged my mother to allow me to fly to Savannah (Rose Hill) to spend summers when I was about 12/13 years of age. My uncle was a task master ( I needed this!) and a person you did not want to cross, at least not at my age then! My aunt was a special person who, while always having an air about her, was kind to all, and gracious to each person who came about her presence. She and I spent hours talkingabout life in general, just the two of us, usually while awaiting my uncle to finish up the daily math lesson with Marianne's son, Jay. My uncle was theclosest thing I had for a father and over the years that type of father/son relationship developed and was sustained until his death in '77. I will always miss the nightly talks with my aunt in what is now your kitchen and around the massivestainless steel table. I loved each and will always be indebted to their attention and concern and love. Enough waxing nostalgically!

Thank you again for the terrific work you do! You keep my memories alive and well.


Jim Ellington

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